Assistant for the Students' Dream, Korean School

Korean School Library


Our vision is to reinforce the School Library’s Education Role. There are several new programs which are included in our educational role such as user education, reading club and career education. These programs are being activated according to the government’s second promotion for the school library. (2014-2018)

Also included are cooperation classes between librarians and classroom teachers. This is necessary so students can develop their self-directed learning and information literacy. Most all students try to search information for their futures based on reading activity. So our educational role as an assistant is more important than ever.

There are 11,506 school libraries in Korea; it is 99.8% here (2015 Department of Education) On average each school library has 14,394 pieces of material and this is increasing all the time. The Nationwide Environment Improvement Project Helps provide satisfactory facilities but digital resources are not enough. Unfortunately only 52% of school have Professional Human Resources. (864 Teacher Librarians and 5121 Librarians) So we keep relocating the School Librarian to Teacher Librarian as a regular teacher. It is necessary to reinforce the School Library’s Education Role. In order to settle this issue we should revise the school Library Promotion Law.

Representation For the School Library, Korea School Library Association

The Korea School Library Association was Founded in 1998. KSLA is the guide for the School Library Policy which includes Teacher Librarian Training and the National Network. It is concerned with all matters of the School Library and methods to promote it. Also KSLA has close relationships with domestic and foreign organizations. KSLA works to contribute to the Development of School Library’s and School Education by promoting qualification and status of Teacher Librarians.

KSLA joined the International Association of School Librarianship in 2016. Korean School Librarians are concerned about international meetings and trying to reinforce the educational roles of the School Library.


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